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Updated: October 2020
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1. Key Publication Regarding NZs Emissions and an Interesting Listen to Dr Rod Carr, Climate Change Commission

New Zealand’s fourth biennial report under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Dr Rod Carr RNZ podcast. Budget doesn’t go far enough: Climate Commission. May 2020

2. Achieving NZs 2030 and 2050 Emission Reduction Targets

Key NZ Climate Change Reference: Climate Change: Everything New Zealand needs to do to get to zero carbon

NZ rated ‘insufficient’ on climate action, again – Aug 2020

Innovation Policy 2.0 – Opportunities for an Economy at 2 metres – Sept 2020

Govt announces climate action plan – Aug 2019

New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets

The transition to a low-emissions and climate-resilient Aotearoa New Zealand, March 2020

Pathway to a low-emissions future in New Zealand, 2019

Government action towards a low-emissions economy, 2019

Marginal abatement cost curves analysis for New Zealand: Potential greenhouse gas mitigation options and their costs

Economic impact of meeting 2050 emissions targets: Stage 2 modelling – 2019

How to achieve net zero NZ – PureAdvantage

Farms, forests and fossil fuels: The next great landscape transformation? Simon Upton, Mar 2019

Scions strategy 2030 and targets

Sustainability Council of NZ – submission to the CCC to change the 2030 and 2050 targets etc. 2019

David Hall, Senior Researcher at The Policy Observatory at AUT and an Associate Investigator at Te Punaha Mātatini.

Modelling the transition to a lower net emissions New Zealand: Uncertainty analysis

Scenarios to achieve domestic emissions neutrality – Report prepared for GLOBE-NZ by Vivid Economics, 2017

New Zealand’s action on climate change, 2016

Economic impact analysis of 2050 emissions targets: A dynamic computable general equilibrium analysis

Westpac NZ commissioned report – transitioning to a two-degree future

Climate Change Projections for New Zealand Snapshot – 2016

3. Agricultural Emissions

Webinar series 2020: Towards a low-emissions future, that replaced the 2020 New Zealand Agricultural Climate Change Conference
Reducing emissions from agriculture

Action on agricultural emissions summary of submissions, 2019

Agriculture emissions and climate change

Dairy Action for Climate Change
Dairy NZ Climate change – Reducing our footprint

Action on agricultural emissions: A discussion document on proposals to address greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture, 2019

Joint Action Plan on Primary Sector Emissions (He Waka Eke Noa)

Zero Carbon Bill – what does this mean for farmers

About methane and other major greenhouse gases

4. Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Bay of Plenty Community Carbon Footprint 2015/16 – Final Results

Bay of Plenty Regional Council Climate Change Action Plan

Bay of Plenty Regional Council declares climate emergency

Tauranga City Council: projections of sea level rise

Urban Form and Transport Initiative Final Report, Western BOP – July 2020

Climate change: What’s in store? – Fact sheet

Regional Direction and Delivery Committee page

Sustainability Programme

Guidance for local government on preparing for climate change

6. Carbon Zero 2050 Bill

Climate Change Response Zero Carbon Amendment Bill: Summary

Our Climate Your Say: Consultation on the Zero Carbon Bill, 2018

7. Carbon Zero Businesses Westpac NZ – proudly NZ’s first carbon

Westpac NZ – proudly NZ’s first carbon zero certified bank

The Big Picture: Climate Change – Getting Your Business Ready – Bell Gully 2019

9. Climate Change Risk and Adaption

The National Climate Change Risk Assessment identifies 43 risks – Aug 2020

National Climate Change Risk Assessment for New Zealand – Snapshot – Aug 2020

National Climate Change Risk Assessment for New Zealand – Technical Report – Aug 2020

National Climate Change Risk Assessment for New Zealand – Main Report – Aug 2020

Adapting to climate change – strategies NIWA

Climate adaptation and resilience project, 2019

NIWA science on climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Adapting to climate change in NZ: Recommendations from the Climate Change Adaptation Technical Working Group

A framework for climate change adaptation – ‘pathways thinking’ Education and training for schools. NIWA

Adapting to climate change in New Zealand: Recommendations from the Climate Change Adaptation Technical Working Group, 2018

Adapting to climate change in New Zealand: Stocktake report from the Climate Change Adaptation Technical Working Group, 2017

Map of regional climate impacts

Sustainable Healthcare and Climate Health Aotearoa – 2020 Webinar Series

10. Climate Change Commission

Climate Change Commission

Climate aims for Covid projects, May 2020

12. Coastal Change and Sea Level Rise

Coastal hazards and climate change: Guidance for local government

Preparing for coastal change fact sheet series

Scientists predict 16m sea level rise even if the Earth stops warming right now, 2019

Map shows NZ likely to get ‘extreme sea levels’, Aug 2020

Preparing for coastal change: A summary of coastal hazards and climate change guidance for local government

Interactive flood map – user sets the sea level rise

Challenges with implementing the Clifton to Tangoio coastal hazards strategy 2120 case study

Projections of global-scale extreme sea levels and resulting episodic coastal flooding

Melting Antarctic ice will raise sea level by 2.5 metres – even if Paris climate goals are met, study finds

13. Communities and Climate Change – We all have a role to play

What you can do about climate change

Six New Zealand’s of climate change: Which one are you?

How to talk to a child about climate change

Videos of climate change initiatives

Climate change tools and resources provided by the ‘Sustainable Business Network’

Action on climate change: What organisations are doing

Measuring, reporting and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions

Who does what on climate change: Roles and responsibilities of government agencies

UN Sustainable Development Goals – Inc Goal 13: Climate Action

Climate Change Learning Programme – Tools & Resources for Schools, Min of Edu, 2020

14. Electric and Electricity

Te Mauri Hiko – Energy Futures, Transpower, 2018

Electricity inquiry – Final report, ICCC, 2019

ICCC report calls for accelerated electrification to reduce GHG emissions

Reducing barriers to electric vehicle uptake: Behavioural insights analysis and review, 2018

Electricity allocation factor modelling 2020

Westpac commits to converting 100% of its fleet to electric cars

15. Emissions Tracking and How to Measure and how are we doing?

Emissions Tracker

Independent Climate Action tracker

Measuring emissions: A guide for organisations – 2019 quick guide

Measuring emissions: A guide for organisations – 2019 detailed guide

NZs performance to date in reaching its 2030 Paris Agreement emissions reduction target

16. Emissions Trading Scheme

A Guide to the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme

Overview of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme reforms – 22 June 2020

A better Emissions Trading Scheme for forestry – containing a host of links

Emissions Trading Scheme

Reforming the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme: proposed settings consultation document, 2019

Emissions Trading Scheme improvements – Dec 2019

18. Forestry’s Contribution to achieving carbon zero 2050

Radiata pine’s contribution to achieve NZs 2030 and 2050 emission reduction targets

Our Forest Future

About the One Billion Trees Programme

20. Legal Responsibilities and Climate Change Reporting by the NZ Govt

Climate change acts and regulations

RNZ Podcast: an interview with the ‘Lawyers for Climate Change Action NZ Inc’ President, May 2020

Emissions Trading Reform Bill received Royal Assent, 22 June 2020

Climate change reporting

21. Ministry for the Environment

MfE Climate change home page

Our atmosphere and climate – Data to 2016

Arotakenga Huringa Āhuarangi: A Framework for the National Climate Change Risk Assessment for Aotearoa New Zealandāhuarangi-framework-national-climate-change-risk

22. Ministry of Primary Industries

One billion trees program

A listing of NZ related climate change publications, 2019

27. Productivity Commission

Low-emissions economy – final report – Aug 2018

At a glance low-emissions economy – Aug 2018

Submitter’s views to our Low-emissions economy inquiry – Nov 2018

Government responds to Commission’s low-emissions economy report – Aug 2019

29. Rotorua Lakes Council

Communities for Climate Protection

De-carboning RDC

RDC Corporate Emissions

Assessing the long-term carbon footprint of Rotorua District Council

Energy Management

Sustainability Policy and Action Plans – 8 December 2008

Sustainable Transport

Queenstown Chamber of Commerce CEO Anna Mickell on building a reduced-car future (RNZ Podcast)

Transport Demand Management

The Rotorua Biodiesel Consortium

30. Surveys Regarding Climate Change Attitudes Nationally and Globally

How do kiwi attitudes towards climate change compare to other countries

31. Temperature Increases

Projected changes in New Zealand atmospheric climate

Global 50-year temperature rise predictions and implications


Climate Change Projections for New Zealand, 2018

32. Tracking Climate Goals by Country

How Far the World Is From Meeting Its Climate Goals 2017

Independent Climate Action tracker

Climate change watch data by country – interactive

Interactive chart showing the worlds emitters

33. Transitioning to Sustainable Energy

Renewable Energy